Specialized school № 1, Lutsk
Dane szkoły

Adres szkoły: Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street 4, Lutsk 43005

Kraj: UA

Województwo: Volyn Oblast

Typ szkoły: Specialized school № 1

Strona www: school1lutsk39@ukr.net

Liczba uczniów: 1174

Wiek uczniów: 6-17

Charakterystyka szkoły (informacja o szkole, zasoby własne, samorząd uczniowski, koła zainteresowań, koła europejskie, etc.)
Specialized school #1 is the oldest one in Lutsk. It started its work in 1939 and ever since spreads knowledge and kindness. In 1946 it moved to Bohdan Hmelnytskyi Street and is still located there. One of the distinctive features of our school is multilingual vector of studying. It offers a great variety of languages such as English, German, Polish and French. Another advantage is a highly developed technical base. Students of school #1 can receive knowledge from different sources. Their projects may be presented on modern multi-boards or TV sets. In addition our school is famous for its continual charity work. For instance, both teachers and students visit orphanages, help stray animals and raise money for soldiers.

Atrakcje w miejscowości i regionie
Lutsk is a wonderful city, which you should definitely add to your travel list. There are many picturesque and impressive sights. Without a doubt, you should visit our most prominent landmark – Lubart’s Castle, which previously was the residence of Lithuanian princes. Don’t forget to spend more time near the House of Chymeras, which is the most mysterious tourist attraction of Lutsk. It includes different sculptures of mermaids, dragons and other imaginary characters. Another place you should visit is the modern art museum where you can enjoy the works of contemporary Ukrainian artists. Lutsk is also full of unusual architecture. For example, there is the longest block of flats in the world and more than 9000 people can live there.

Kogo i do jakiej współpracy szukamy? (tematy, obszary i formy współpracy)
International cooperation is a great opportunity to share your experience with others, including a volunteer from Europe. With the help of International Cooperation our students will be able to improve their knowledge of the English, German, French and Polish languages. International Projects are a chance to spread new ideas, meet new faces and embrace the European culture. The students of our school are ready to show their friends the Ukrainian culture, traditions and customs. Our teachers the same as students really want to gain a stronger sense of achievement, develop new interests and make their teambuilding skills much better.

Osoba do kontaktu

Imię i nazwisko: Nina Mykhaliuk

Email: nina_mm@ukr.net

Rola w szkole: teacher

Języki: Ukrainian, English, Polish