Civic Initiatives of Ukraine
Civic Initiatives of Ukraine
Громадська спілка "Громадські ініціаативи України"
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Adres organizacji: Ivana Boguna str. 2, k 407, 21010 Vinnytsia, Ukraina

Strona www: http://ngonetwork.org.ua/

Forma prawna: NGO Association

Civic Initiatives of Ukraine, NGO Association portfolio includes more then 10 projects with local and international partners focusing on promotion local self-government accountability and transparency. Having worked in the sphere of community development and intersectional cooperation for quite long, the Civic Initiatives of Ukraine built sustainable partnership with local organizations and agencies among all Ukraine. At present, "Civic Initiatives of Ukraine" Association consists of 25 organizations representing 16 regions of Ukraine. Each of the partners is the center of a small regional network, which includes from 7 to 30 non-governmental organizations on the local level, which allows us to implement initiatives of a national scale, to involve a significant part of the civil society of Ukraine, as well as to influence the policy of regional development.